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The Importance and History of Veda and Veda Mantra

Veda Mantra

As we know the Veda mantras hold a significant role in the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of ancient India. These sacred hymns, composed thousands of years ago, continue to resonate with profound wisdom and spiritual power. They are considered the oldest scriptures in the world, providing insights into the nature of reality, human existence, and the divine.

The word "Veda" originates from the Sanskrit root "vid," which means knowledge or wisdom. The Vedas are a collection of ancient texts that were passed down orally from one generation to the next before eventually being compiled into written form. They are believed to have been revealed to ancient seers or Rishis during deep states of meditation and spiritual realization. The Vedic mantras are the poetic expressions of these revelations. They are composed in a precise metrical pattern and are chanted in a melodic manner.

The mantras are written in Vedic Sanskrit, a language that has its own unique grammar and pronunciation. These chants were not merely poetic compositions but were regarded as powerful vehicles of spiritual transformation and realization.The Vedic mantras encompass a wide range of topics, including cosmology, philosophy, rituals, morality, and spirituality. They are organized into four primary texts known as the Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda. Each Veda serves a specific purpose and has its distinct style and focus.

The Vedic mantras were not limited to religious or ritualistic purposes but were also recognized for their spiritual and transformative qualities. They were believed to connect individuals with the cosmic energy and divine consciousness. Chanting these mantras with devotion and understanding was considered a means to attain spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.

The importance of Vedic mantras lies in their ability to transcend time and culture, offering timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance. They remind us of the profound insights and spiritual experiences of the ancient seers who composed them. These mantras serve as a bridge between the individual and the universal, reminding us of our connection with the divine and the limitless potential within us.

The chanting of the Shree Rudram Mantra is thought to purify the energy channels within the body, remove blockages, and restore balance to the vital life forces. It is believed to have a positive impact on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. The vibrations generated by the mantra are said to resonate with the cells and organs of the body, promoting their optimal functioning and restoring health.

Vedic mantras play very special role in the form of vedic remedies of astrology. also many vedic mantras are used to heal the diseases. How these sankrit mantras are used to heal the the siseases? Here is the decoding of Shree rudram Mantra with its benefits towrds the healing of diseases. Our ancient rishis decoded the the hidden secrets behind the mantras of Shree rudram.

Here is the one. The mantra of Namakam in Shree Rudram is:

असौयस्ताम्रोअरुण उत बभ्रुः सुमंगलः ।

येचेमारुद्रा अभितोदिक्षु।

श्रिताः सहस्रशोऽवैषाहेड ईमहे॥

Meaning: This Sun who is copper-red when he arises, then golden-yellow, this highly auspicious and beneficent one is truly Rudra. These other Rudras who are quartered round about in all directions of this earth, may I ward off their anger by my praise.

The Decoding of this Mantra

There are various diseases, such as urinary tract stones, a specific type of leprosy with red spots, and baldness, that can potentially be treated through the consumption and application of medicines prepared using a combination of iron, gold powder, copper powder, turmeric (haldi), powdered Heda, and cardamom. The recommended measurement for the preparation is to use equal weights of iron/gold powder and copper powder, while the measurement for Heda powder should be seven times that of iron/gold powder and copper powder, along with the addition of cardamom.

Formulation of Medicine:

  • Loha Bhasma-10gm
  • Swrna bhasma-2gm
  • Taamra bhasma-10gm
  • Cardamom- 5gm
  • Haldi(raw turmeric)-50gm
  • Heda Powder-200gm
  • shankhapushpi juice-20ml
  • water-9 litrs

To prepare the mixture, bring the mentioned ingredients to a boil in an earthen pot until the volume reduces to 3 liters. Allow the solution to cool, and then carefully filter it using a cotton cloth.

Reference: Shree Rudram Decoded by KT Shubhankaran

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Girish Kulkarni born in a Kannada Brahmin family. He is a professional Vedic mantra scholar and speaker, practicing Yoga & Vedic Mantras for a very long time.

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